• Yes, the CIA Nazi comparison crossed a line.

    Donald Trump's tweet did not specifically compare the CIA to Nazis but the implication was enough to induce outgoing Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan to say that the president elect crossed a line. Trump tweeted that "intelligence agencies" should have prevented fake news about him from leaking to the public. He then asked, "Are we living in Nazi Germany?" While PEOTUS Trump may not have intended a personal slur on CIA agents, it was taken that way and offended many. The abrasive remark was uncalled for.

  • No, it's free speech.

    Intelligence agencies have a history of being less than honorable in their duties, but to be honest, that's just not the point. Trump made a reference that compared one historical institution to another. Ge didn't use racial slurs nor was he referencing the individual officers of the CIA. The tweet was comparing a characteristic of manipulation that he saw similar in both institutions.

  • Yes, Trump crossed a line in comparing the CIA to the Nazis

    Trump showed a complete lack of respect for and trust in experts in the field of intelligence with this remark. It is not safe for him to completely reject the findings of the CIA because they do not fit within his narrative. It is also inappropriate to compare US intelligence agencies to the Nazis for minor disagreements.

  • Yes, he crossed a line.

    Trump made a comment that all the questions around his involvement with Vladamir Putin reminded him of things that happened in Nazi Germany. This was an overblown statement. Trump needs to learn the art of reasoned debate before coming to press conferences. It seems pretty obvious to the rest of the world he was involved in the Clinton email leaks.

  • This Is Hypocritical!

    Trump has been compared to Nazis, Fascists, and leaders of that sort by numerous people over the course of this year. The people making these comparisons have been both famous and common people, as well as politicians. No one seemed to care when they called their opponents these things. Now, when the person who was the butt of these insults uses these comparisons, the entire news media blows up. The same people who doled out the names month after month are now demonizing him for using the same words.

    Is this unlawful? By no means! It is simple exercising of First Amendment rights. Is it a danger to national security? No way! Criticism does not have the power to compromise a nation. Was he referencing anyone in particular in a way that could be considered slander? No way José! He was referencing the entire department, a department that has a history of dubious action. Is he a prime target because he has differing views and he won the election? You bet he is! Trump's political opponents have been looking for someone to blame for their loss, and the easiest person for them is Trump (when in reality it's Hillary's fault, she should have campaigned more; she was too confident).

    Seriously people! Grow up. If you had guts to call this man a Nazi or Fascist, you had better have the guts to take it like a good sport when he uses the same terms.

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