Trump claims opinion polls are rigged against him: Is Trump paranoid about anything that doesn't look good for him?

  • Yes, he is.

    In Trump’s universe, it is very easy to tell if an election is rigged, no proof required. An election is rigged if Trump loses. An election is fair if Trump wins. This is the same logic that propels Trump’s selective embrace of polls, as he touts the right-wing sources which say he is winning as legitimate while deeming any poll showing he is losing to be invalid. Those other polls, he implies, are part of the conspiracy.

  • Yes, Trump seems to be paranoid about perceived personal attacks.

    Yes, Trump seems to be paranoid about perceived personal attacks. He often acts like a young child who believes the whole world revolves around himself. If a child puts a bag over his head, he thinks no one can see him because he can't see them. Trump believes that if anyone says something less than glowingly positive, they're part of a conspiracy against him and should be taken down immediately.

  • Yes, Trump is extremely paranoid about anything that might contradict him

    Trump gets extremely anxious whenever there is news that does not show him in a positive light or that criticizes him. As a result he tries to undermine the legitimacy of the group, organization, company, or media that covers this information. This not only draws attention to the story he is criticizing, but also hurts his own legitimacy.

  • He's not paranoid, he's controlling

    Trump has an excuse for anything that makes him look bad, and the amazing thing is that he usually looks better after it's all said and done. None of his scandals derailed his presidency, and his supporters are proud that they don't listen to the media and news reports. This makes it easy for Trump to dismiss these polls as just political.

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