Trump clears way for controversial oil pipelines. From an environmental standpoint, is this a bad decision?

  • Yes, opening more oil pipelines is a bad decision from an environmental standpoint.

    Trump has the ability to enact policy that helps this planet and moving away from fossil fuel power sources should be one of the biggest priorities. There are companies working hard to produce alternative energy and the US government should stop subsidizing the old establishment and offer grants to get some new minds coming up with new ideas.

  • Trump's pipelines are environmentally bad

    Donald Trump has taken executive action to clear the way for the building of pipelines, including Keystone. This will have a large and negative impact on the economy. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) came to that conclusion in 2015. The EPA wrote a letter to the State Department stating building the Keystone pipeline would ultimately crate more greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming.

  • Oil pipelines are a bad idea from an environemental standpoint.

    Oil pipelines are not good for the environment. While oil is a resource that is needed, drilling will cause environmental destruction. America should look for alternatives sources for fuel not found through traditionally drilling. Wildlife and natural land should be protected with regulations that prevent drilling on the American land.

  • Not much different

    In the grand scheme of things, these pipelines are no different than any other that have been built. They are used to transport oil, just like countless others that have been quietly running underground for years. The big deal with these is the land that is being seized and the sacred tribal grounds. I don't really see an environmental impact if built and maintained properly.

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