Trump controversies continue: Can Trump deliver on his promise to create jobs?

  • Yes, Trump can deliver jobs.

    My feeling is that if anyone can be successful in the creation of jobs, Donald Trump can. My reasoning is his long and impressive business career. His experience in running businesses makes him the perfect candidate to add jobs to our country's workforce and to improve our employment statistics substantially.

  • Trump can deliver on his promise to create jobs

    Trump will be able to deliver on his promise to create jobs in the United States. The questions are how many and when. He is an experience business man so he would know how to tackle the problem. The question is if the strategies are strong enough and if people are willing to work with him and support this in light of his offensive nature.

  • I don't believe Trump will be as successful creating jobs as he has led people to believe.

    Donald Trump made a lot of promises during his campaign. However, creating jobs at the magnitude he indicates will be challenging. More and more jobs are being sent abroad due to cheaper labor costs, particularly in manufacturing. In order to reverse this natural result of capitalism, incentives must be given to companies or fines. Both of these options may very well negatively affect prices and inflation.

  • No, Donald Trump cannot deliver on his promise to create jobs.

    No, Donald Trump cannot deliver on his promise to create jobs. Some may point to his deal with Carrier in which he awarded them millions in tax incentives to keep jobs in the U.S. as an indication that he will create jobs. However, this is a piece of political theater.

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