• Yes, Trump is an autocrat.

    Trump presidency will be a fascism one if his recent remarks directed toward Boeing is anything to go by. Trump comes out as an authoritarian, he wants things done his way and right away. It is unfortunate that he wants to run this nation the way he ran the Apprentice show.

  • Yes Trump has made his feelings clear

    The things Donald Trump said in his efforts to become President of the USA were incredible, and I mean incredible in a bad way. His views and opinions are clear so it has to be expected that his presidency will be fascist. The chances of him suddenly changing overnight are highly unlikely.

  • Yes, the Trump presidency is going to be fascistic.

    Yes, the Trump presidency is going to be fascistic. Mr. Trump has repeatedly shown his disregard for the institutions of our democracy, and poses an existential threat to the future of our civilization. He has whipped up a group of people who would be analogous to the lynch mobs of yore.

  • Trump presidency will not make substantial changes

    Donald Trump likes to take on key players, individuals, tv shows etc. and attack them through social media, such as twitter, Facebook, as if he is still in the entertainment business. The decisions made by Trump's presidency will not be made by one person only, but by a team and supported or not by the Senate. Trump presidency is not going to be fascist, the general public has to get used to the non-politically correct language and tone of their president elect.

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