Trump critics suggest turning off TV during inauguration: Will low ratings hurt his pride?

  • Yes, it is.

    Based on how he reacts to those that disagree with him, not having higher ratings during his inauguration will embarrass him to no end, which will in turn make him more nasty when he gets on Twitter, and other social media. The next 4 years are going to be known as "America's Dark Ages".

  • He'll throw a fit

    Trump is going to throw a Twitter tantrum if he finds out his inauguration ratings are horribly low. He'll find a reason to blame it on someone else, talk a bunch of trash, then make excuses for why it doesn't matter anyway. This is typical Trump fashion. I urge everyone to ignore the inauguration and go do something to make a difference in the world, something to offset the negative way Trump has portrayed himself.

  • Yes, it would hurt his pride.

    Trump has a huge ego. So, it would hurt his pride, but it would also just cause him to berate the media again. Nothing that happens will impact him unless it hurts his pocketbook. He really just doesn't care what we think. I hope his supporters turn against him soon.

  • Yes, I think they would

    Trump is very prideful and has a thin skin. He likes being the center of attention and hates criticism, so people ignoring him during his inauguration will be a huge insult to him. If the ratings show that something else on TV was more popular, he will take it personally as a failure and lash out.

  • He'll twist it

    If ratings are down, he'll just claim that he was so awesome that his enemies couldn't bear to watch, or that he was so powerful they had to hold a meaningless protest. If ratings are up, well, of course that's because of him too. Trump wins either way, it's silly to make yourself look childish by suggesting antics like this.

  • Y'all think too highly of yourselves

    Do you really think that not watching his inauguration is going to accomplish anything? Do you think he's going to decide he doesn't want to be president anymore or something? For one thing, his PR people run his Twitter now, so nice try on that one mate. Many people won't watch the inauguration purely because they don't want to or it bores them or they don't care. If you don't want to watch it, then by all means turn off the TV, but you're not making a difference, you just look silly.

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