Trump denies climate change: Is climate change going to destroy mankind?

  • Yes, climate change is going to destroy mankind.

    Yes, climate change is going to destroy mankind unless something is done to change it. If we continue in the direction we're currently going in, the world will lose most its precious species and we will soon follow. We cannot continue to live if the world around us is failing.

  • Yes, climate change will likely destroy mankind, if we don't do it ourselves through violence and hatred

    Yes, climate change will likely destroy mankind, unless we do it first ourselves through violence and hatred. Climate change is very real and is changing our environment, our health, and our way of life. If we don't do more to stop it, we will see the effects in our health, in our geography, and in the way we are able to operate in our daily lives.

  • Its called climate change not impending climactic DOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!

    No one even knows what they are talking about here. If you want to make predictions that's fine, but the only thing I can guarantee is that not everything about climate change will be negative and that we are one of the most adaptable mammals on the planet, arguably for all time. You guys go ahead and fear the unknown. That's reasonable, but I think destroying mankind is a bit of a stretch.

  • We don't have that kind of power

    Humans are extremely arrogant to think that anything we can do in the course of normal living can destroy the planet. We humans are just a tiny blip on the cosmic scale, and this has been proven because none of our "global warming initiatives" are really helping, no matter how much money we throw at them. One or two extra volcanoes erupting and all that "progress" is swallowed up by nature.

  • It is overrated.

    Humans only wish that they had the power and technological capabilities to control the earth. Humans are small; the universe is big. There is nothing that humans can do that could ruin the atmosphere of the earth forever. Humans like to believe that they are that powerful, but it is not going to destroy mankind.

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