Trump didn't mention Clinton infidelity scandal during first debate: Was this a courageous move?

  • Trump was right to not bring up the Clinton infidelity scandal

    In a rare moment of human decency, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump chose not to mention the Clinton infidelity scandal in the debates. This shows that Trump can actually have the courage not to use personal remarks against his opponent. Personal remarks have no place in legitimate politics, and it seems that Trump is finally learning that lesson - at least to some degree.

  • In what world would that be courageous?

    Not even close...It was actually cowardly considering what he's been accused of by women, including his exes. Had she mentioned that Clinton could have freaking buried him. Besides, what would that do but make him look like a complete a**hole instead of kind of an a**hole. But apparently he's not afraid of looking bad.

  • He should have mentioned all the scandals.

    I don't understand why Trump would not talk about the issues and scandals concerning Hillary. If he cares so much about Chelsea or Bill being in the audience, how is he going to stand up to world leaders when their respective families are part of visiting delegations? I think he needs to learn tact so that he can bring up the controversial issues without sounding like a bully.

  • Trump has no courage

    Trump attacks the lowest common denominator of our population. He attacks migrants, foreign countries, whoever. With Clinton, though, to attack the infidelity would be to attack a position where no one knows for sure where to stand. Do they attack Clinton for standing by her husband, a situation many women have been in and many women have done the same thing in? To do so would be to attack his voters, not a good plan.

  • No, he has probably forgotten to mention it

    No, I don't think that Trump didn't mention the infidelity scandal because he was courageous, but because he has forgotten it. On the other side, having in mind the fact that the debate was probably well planned, I suppose he is saving this controversial topic for the last round, for the finish.

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