Trump employees say he is not fit to be president: Should this announcement be taken seriously?

  • His Supporters, Naaaaaaa has nothing to do with how he would run our country

    None of his comments, his morals, his lack of political know how, his poor immature way of handling confrontation, is bigoted male views of women, people of other ethnicity, his colorful expression of love for the handicap ppl of American- has fan base includes the KKK- of course this man is man for the job of the US Presidency :P

  • Attention should be paid to those with experience working for him.

    I think that announcement by Trump employees that Donald Trump is not fit to be president should be taken very seriously by the American people.These employees have had the experience of working for Mr. Trump and know how he operates as a leader and decision maker. If they have concerns, I think it would be in the country's best interest to take these concerns into very careful consideration.

  • Employees saying Trump is unfit for president should be taken seriously.

    All the warning signs have been there since Trump announced his candidacy for president several months ago. Republicans are saying he's unfit to be president, world leaders, our own President and now Trump's own employees are saying it. What more do people need to hear before they stop supporting him?

  • He's Running as a Great Businessman

    One of Mr. Trump's strongest campaign arguments is that he is a great businessman. Part of being a good businessman is how you handle employees. Thus, if Mr. Trump's employees have come out to say he is lacking in leadership or other business acumen, it is definitely relevant and should be weighed along with everything else.

  • Who cares at this point

    There is no way that he is going to win, the electoral college is going to murder him and I think he will lose by at least 50 points. People that supported him are now trying to distance themselves from him so when they go for reelection they can be like I didn't support Trump here is a quote of me attacking him.

  • There are always supporters.

    Each candidate can find someone close to the other candidate that is willing to say the other candidate is horrible. There are people close to Hillary Clinton that say the same thing. These comments are no more than political gamesmanship. They should not be taken seriously. We should look at what the candidate says and that is it.

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