Trump expected to push forward Dakota Pipeline through executive orders: Will there be a battle over the pipeline?

  • More than likely.

    This pipeline is not the most popular of things. In an age where we are trying to bring cleaner and better energy sources, this pipeline is one of the last phallic symbols left trying to rape what we have left of this country. As far as all of Donald Trump's executive orders, I do hope that they are met with at least half as much opposition as when Barack Obama had that one executive order. We need a serious reality check in this country.

  • Yes, President Trump as a fight on his hands.

    When President Obama said no to the Keystone and Dakota oil pipelines, he secured these regions from the severe and often irreparable environment damage caused. These regions have a right to preserve their pristine environmental heritage. As well, the people living there have a right not to be targeted by disgruntled environmentalists and other terrorists because the pipeline goes through or around their homes. Further, taxpayers have a right to say no to the potential costs of haz-mat clean-up after spills.

  • Opponents are loud.

    There is a small contingency in the United States that seems to think they can overrule the majority, if only they cause enough chaos in the streets. They think it's okay to shut down highways and throw rocks at buildings. They cannot handle the fact that Trump is going to sign orders, so they decide to disturb the peace.

  • Yes, there will be a battle.

    President Trump can use executive orders to fast track the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. However, the pipeline is still controversial and will likely cause political battles. Trump will have to weigh the benefits of the Dakota pipeline against the political bruises he will get from supporting its construction.

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