Trump exposed for lying about military and police endorsements: Do you think Trump is honest enough to be president?

  • Trump's Lies Are Relative

    At 46, I have witnessed many campaigns for local, state, and national political offices. It is common for campaigns to scrutinize every statement an opponent has made, past and present, to find any lies and expose them as character flaws. Though I find lies repugnant, they must be view in relative terms to the lies of the other candidate. In this case, Trump is lying to make himself look better. However, the other major candidate, Hillary Clinton, lied about mishandling highly classified material and putting that material at risk of exposure to other countries.

  • I don't think Donald Trump is honest enough to be president.

    I don't believe Donald Trump is honest enough to be president or honest enough to be anything other than a TV celebrity. The outright blatancy of his lies is shocking and only proves that he is comfortable lying and has no real limit to how many or how big a lie he will tell.

  • Trump changes his mind

    This is not the first time Trump has lied, covered up or even simply obviously backtracked. As a celebrity, Trumps prior opinions, sayings and beliefs have been well promoted and his insistence that they didn't happen make him seem weak and highlight him as an obvious liar. How can you vote for someone so corrupt as President?

  • No, Trump is not honest and should not be president.

    No, I do not believe Trump is honest in any way, and I feel he should not be president of the United States. I feel that he makes his money by lying and cheating his way through life. That is no way to run a country. Trump should not be voted in because he is dishonest and unfit for the presidency.

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