Trump falsely claims Russia scandal wasn’t brought up before election: Should the Electoral College pick another president?

  • Yes, they should.

    The electoral college has the duty to protect the US from a president that is incompetent or otherwise destructive. Not only is the Orange-in-Chief elect a terrible president and not able to perform the duties of the office competently, he lost the popular vote by a wide margin. THis is why the electoral college was created.

  • Yes, Trump is a proven liar

    We as American citizens cannot trust an official who has a history of lying for his own good. He has been dishonest about many topics recently, especially pertaining to scandals and recounts. He continuously makes himself seem untrustworthy which is an qualifying characteristic for someone who wants to lead this country.

  • Bernie for President!

    Trump's false claims are nothing new at this point, and they're beside the point. The Electoral College has already had enough information going into the election to know that he isn't qualified, so I'm not sure what this would really do to his chances. I think it's also telling though how little Hillary Clinton and some of her campaign have seemed to care in the past month or so.

  • He won the election.

    There have been several times that the person that won the popular vote didn't win the election. The people who supported Clinton are just very loud. They think if they cry foul loud enough that someone will come along and overthrow their opinion. The electoral college should follow the mandates of the electors.

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