• Yes, I think that Donald Trump's bid for presidency is doomed.

    Yes, I think that Donald Trump's bid for presidency is doomed because Trump has abused hispanics, muslims, women and disabled people. Trump did well in the Republican primaries because the voters in the Republican party are mostly white Americans. In a general election race, I'm confident that Hillary Clinton will easily beat Donald Trump.

  • Trump has a good shot.

    Trump's bid for the Presidency is going strong, and I think his chances are getting stronger every day. Having a new campaign manager is not going to change that. The more Hilary is indicted by the FBI, and the more she is investigated, the better Trump's chances are to win the White House.

  • You can never guess with Trump.

    When it comes to the candidacy of Donald Trump he has been breaking every rule and getting ahead despite the shock of everyone involved. No matter what Trump does he seems to come out on top so firing his campaign manager is just another notch in his ludicrous campaign. Only time will tell.

  • No, Trump firing his campaign manager wouldn't hinder his bid for Presidency

    Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee. This means that regardless of any action or speech, he will be in the nationwide spotlight of media coverage. His outrageous claims and personality are his brand, and a campaign manager can't possibly have that much weight on somebody like Trump. It's clear already that Trump has said and done things that would have easily sunk another campaign - such as Hillary Clinton's - but somehow he manages to stay afloat thanks to his loud support from the far right.

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