Trump fires top officials at National Nuclear Security Administration: Does Trump have any interest in securing our nuclear weapons?

  • Yes Trump will secure Nuclear weapons

    Trump has his reasons for dismissing the National Nuclear Security Administration but he will replace those people with others who he trusts. In short, yes Donald Trump has a lot of interest in securing our nuclear weapons. He simply has to have people that he trusts in key positions. He is a different type of leader - not an insane one..

  • No, Trump does not have interest in securing our nuclear weapons

    No, I don't believe that Trump has a strong interest in securing the United States nuclear weapons. It's hard to say how this presidency will play out over the next four years, but with firing top official at the National Nuclear Security Administration, I am worried that the US is at an increased risk.

  • Not so much

    Trump doesn't seem to have any interest in anything meant to keep our country safe. He is looking out for himself, his family, and his cronies. His firing of the people in charge of the safe keeping of our nuclear weapons is very alarming, as one can only imagine what kind of people he is going to replace them with.

  • It would appear not.

    It would appear that Donald Trump really doesn't care about the health and well being of this country. By firing top officials that have been in these positions for years and are the top people in their field and hiring some ancient dinosaur or some slick dick buddy of his, it puts this country in jeopardy and when we start messing around with nuclear war that will be the end of us and I don't think Trump realizes or cares about this.

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