Trump freezes EPA and USDA grants: Will scientists running for office make any impact?

  • Yes, I think so.

    This is a tense moment for science in America, now that a president who is skeptical of proven ideas like climate change and vaccine safety is in office. Donald Trump once called the National Institutes of Health — a research facility that has saved millions of lives — “terrible.” It’s only week one of the Trump administration. But gagging government researchers is one of the worst-case scenarios scientists can imagine if this administration wages a war on research. For now, many of the key science jobs haven’t been filled.

  • No, it will not make any impact.

    Scientists running for office will not make much impact when it comes to EPA and USDA grant freezes. Scientists already make a lot of noise when it comes to promoting science funding. Those that support research already vote for politicians who believe in funding science grants. Those that oppose this funding will not likely vote for the scientists.

  • Trump is more powerful.

    The presidency is a very strong position when it comes to deciding how much money to spend on grants, especially when these grants are doled out by the executive branch. Each person in Congress is relatively powerless by comparison. They aren't going to be able to control what Trump does with executive money.

  • I don't think scientists running for office will make an impact

    Interesting how Donald Trump in his first week in office signs bills to defund two organizations designed to protect citizens. Corporations have fought regulations set by the EPA and USDA for years since they cut into their profits. Now Trump takes office and defunds them. This is no coincidence and citizens and the environment will suffer.

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