Trump has a 2-point edge in a new Florida poll. Do you think polls are reliable?

  • I think yes

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  • No, polls aren't reliable.

    No, polls aren't reliable because they aren't final. I understand polls are done in a way to get a sample size of similar types of people to determine how a group is going to vote, but they aren't 100% accurate. Polls are not reliable because every eligible person is not polled. Another reason they aren't reliable is that people tend to change their minds when they go into the voting booth.

  • Polls have been getting less effective.

    In countries across the world, the old methods of taking polls seem to be consistently getting worse. This was shown in the United Kingdom on two separate occasions in the past year when polls mistook the general election result and the result of the EU referendum. It is likely that this is due to shifts in data collection to online sources which tend to cut off older voters from the pool.

  • No, only show a small sample

    There have been researchers that can more accurately predict the election results than any poll has ever been. The polls that come out are only of a comparatively small sample size and generally each poll has a biased demographic one way or the other and do not accurately represent what the entire American public thinks.

  • I think polls are reliable to a certain degree

    Polls are taken by only a small percentage of people. Depending on where the poll is taken can determine the bias of the poll. When most polls indicate a certain trend then they are more reliable as a whole, but basing a decision on the results of one poll is risky.

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