Trump has slid in the polls, even among his core supporters. Will he ever regain support?

  • People will like the results.

    Trump will do a good job once he gets into office, as long as he can put his Twitter down and run the country. Trump will make sure that the economy continues to improve. He is going to make companies keep jobs in America, and people will support him when they have a job.

  • Donald Trump will Regain Support

    Donald Trump has slid in the polls which often tends to occur just before inauguration. There was a huge split between the two candidates, and I suspect that many voters were swayed by the opinion, "the lesser of two evils". It doesn't matter what the results of an election are, there will always be those who change sides after all is said and done. However, once the inauguration takes place, and Trump is the president, his original supporters will come around. If for not other reason, than to say, "We have always been there for him".

  • Numbers will keep dropping

    Trump's numbers are not going to recover. More and more people are starting to see him for who he really is, and those numbers are just going to keep falling. He won't regain the affection of the American people, and will go down in history as the most detested POTUS ever. Amazing how he even got elected with these numbers!

  • No, Trump will not regain support

    In these early days before Trump takes office, he is showing his true colors with a lack of experience and harsh attitude. There is a wake-up call to his supporters that will be dramatic. Trump was an aggressive campaigner but now he needs to be a gentle leader and that may be not possible for him.

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