• It will be a close election.

    Clinton and Trump have been shown in polls to be the two most unpopular candidates to ever stand for the presidency in the modern political history of the United States. Surveys of the electorate have shown that people have serious misgivings about both of the candidates and neither are particularly popular. But while the election might be a close run thing, the odds seem to favour Clinton fairly decisively and the polls are likely to move more in her favour as Election Day draws nearer.

  • Yes it will.

    This election will be close, which is why it is important for everyone to get out and vote for the canidate that they belive will not screw up the country the most. This election is very important, and has the potential to be just as life altering, if not more so than the 2000 election.

  • Presidential election will not be close

    The presidential election will not be close, despite recent polls showing a tightening race. Although Trump's campaign claims there are many of his supporters that will not admit to it, many Hillary Clinton supporters feel the same way. The recent polls come on the heels of other data showing a decent Clinton lead.

  • Polls can be misleading.

    I do not believe that the election will be as close as it has been suggested in recent weeks. While Donald Trump may appear to be taking the lead in the polls, the information gathered in polling is entirely dependent on not only who is asked, but who actually answers or responds.

  • I think one or the other is going to collapse, or hit road gear.

    To me, neither Trump nor Hillary Clinton merely made it to the top in the primaries based on pure "popularity" and are not very viable candidates for their own unique reasons. I believe that something along the lines of Trump not specifying his agenda and falling apart to a more experienced politician, or Hillary Clinton slipping up and losing her safer image to her voters will ultimately decide the outcome of this election. I don't think its a divide in the direction we wish to move our country so much as it is who will appear to be worse, and given the volatility of the election thus far, its my opinion that a landslide election is not an unlikely outcome in our future.

  • Trump has no experience nor the temperament

    If he can't get along with asia or arabs now. How will he deal with them if he's running the US? It's a lot of give and take in that position. I think he'll act to quickly and we'll be in another fiasco. With the choices we have now, I think Bill will help Hillary.

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