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Trump implicated his own racism by refusing to outright condemn the Charlottesville nazi rally.

Asked by: Batmangeek75
  • Trump didn't want to lose his racist base.

    Trump claiming there were good people on both sides entertains the idea that Neo-nazis are actually good people when they aren't committing violence. Trump's attempt to hide his racism and fascism should send red flags to all who liked him. If your side isn't the party of racists than you should criticize Trump for his leniency.

    What's funnier is people will claim the neo-nazi population at the Unite the Right rally wasn't that large. If there were moderate right wingers there enabling the neo-nazis, Than they are just as bad. Trump supporters are just as bad.

    I recommend checking out a Youtube video called Charlottesville: The true Alt-Right by Shaun
    The evidence is pretty damning. You can't deny the footage as fake.

  • He literally did condemn the nazi rally. . .

    Go check the f***ing video, Why are people spreading that 100% lie that trump never condemned the nazi rally "there were good people on both sides, And i am not talking about the neo nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally" outright trump quote, Go f**k yourself now with CNN.

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