Trump in the 2020 United States Presidential Election? !

Asked by: Shallan
  • The Media's Portrayal is Really Unfair

    The Media has portrayed Trump as being a terrible president who's failed at his job miserably, And will be the death of our country. However, Pay attention to what they discuss on the talk-shows where they sit and do nothing but attack our president, And you'll realize that when they do make valid points, They just repeat those points and rephrase them day after day. If literally any other person became president, The Media would only bring them up occasionally, And talk about more important, Or at least more diverse political subjects.

  • Trump is Great

    Economic Growth
    4. 2 percent growth in the second quarter of 2018.
    For the first time in more than a decade, Growth is projected to exceed 3 percent over the calendar year.

    4 million new jobs have been created since the election, And more than 3. 5 million since Trump took office.
    More Americans are employed now than ever before in our history.
    Jobless claims at lowest level in nearly five decades.
    The economy has achieved the longest positive job-growth streak on record.
    Job openings are at an all-time high and outnumber job seekers for the first time on record.
    Unemployment claims at 50 year low
    African-American, Hispanic, And Asian-American unemployment rates have all recently reached record lows.
    African-American unemployment hit a record low of 5. 9 percent in May 2018.
    Hispanic unemployment at 4. 5 percent.
    Asian-American unemployment at record low of 2 percent.
    Women’s unemployment recently at lowest rate in nearly 65 years.
    Female unemployment dropped to 3. 6 percent in May 2018, The lowest since October 1953.
    Youth unemployment recently reached its lowest level in more than 50 years.
    July 2018’s youth unemployment rate of 9. 2 percent was the lowest since July 1966.
    Veterans’ unemployment recently hit its lowest level in nearly two decades.
    July 2018’s veterans’ unemployment rate of 3. 0 percent matched the lowest rate since May 2001.
    Unemployment rate for Americans without a high school diploma recently reached a record low.
    Rate for disabled Americans recently hit a record low.
    Blue-collar jobs recently grew at the fastest rate in more than three decades.
    Poll found that 85 percent of blue-collar workers believe their lives are headed “in the right direction. ”
    68 percent reported receiving a pay increase in the past year.
    Last year, Job satisfaction among American workers hit its highest level since 2005.
    Nearly two-thirds of Americans rate now as a good time to find a quality job.
    Optimism about the availability of good jobs has grown by 25 percent.
    Added more than 400, 000 manufacturing jobs since the election.
    Manufacturing employment is growing at its fastest pace in more than two decades.
    100, 000 new jobs supporting the production & transport of oil & natural gas.

    American Income
    Median household income rose to $61, 372 in 2017, A post-recession high.
    Wages up in August by their fastest rate since June 2009.
    Paychecks rose by 3. 3 percent between 2016 and 2017, The most in a decade.
    Council of Economic Advisers found that real wage compensation has grown by 1. 4 percent over the past year.
    Some 3. 9 million Americans off food stamps since the election.
    Median income for Hispanic-Americans rose by 3. 7 percent and surpassed $50, 000 for the first time ever in history.
    Home-ownership among Hispanics is at the highest rate in nearly a decade.
    Poverty rates for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans have reached their lowest levels ever recorded.

    American Optimism
    Small business optimism has hit historic highs.
    NFIB’s small business optimism index broke a 35 year-old record in August.
    SurveyMonkey/CNBC’s small business confidence survey for Q3 of 2018 matched its all-time high.

  • Trump 2020. God bless israel.

    This is really all I need to say, But I'll keep going. There's a schism in the Jewish community; there are Godless Jews and there are Faithful Jews. Godless Jews are JINOs basically; they call themselves Jewish though they are not Jewish. These are people like Jeffery Epstein (recently arrested for his child trafficking sexual abuse ring, Thanks to Trump), Harvey Weinstein (did some business with NXIVM, Along with a few other Democrat Jews, I. E. Schumer), And I mean, We can go down the list and feature Seth Rogen and James Franco but I don't really care to.

    The bottom line is Trump has encouraged me to jump into the Messianic branch because a lot of these arrests and controversies have shown me just how divided Judaism is today; and it makes me f***ing sick that I'm expected to respect people like Harvey Weinstein simply for what he claims is his cultural identity. If your mother is Jewish, Then you are a Jew, Is the supposed rule. At this point, What difference does it make when your mother is Jewish but you are a Satanist - that is not Holy, Nor respectably Jewish. This is why Messianic has it's appeal - they call out the Synagogue of Satan where it needs to be called out.

    May God Preserve Israel from her Enemies, And save America from it's cultural Armageddon.

  • Hope he wins.

    Prior to his election, Past presidents have done more harm than good between bad trade deals, Bad nuclear agreements, And hurting the lifeblood of our country (the middle class) by raising corporate taxes so high they can only compete by manufacturing in other countries.
    Even if Trump did nothing after becoming president, He would still have done better than the mistakes of presidents in recent history. Thing is, He didn't do nothing but has worked to reverse these past mistakes and make actual progress. Many past presidents campaigned in part for acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Bringing N. K. Leadership to the negotiating table. Defeating the ISIS troops. Getting other countries to pay their fair share of the U. N. Bill. Leveling the field for our manufacturers. Going after China for stealing our intellectual property. Making deals with Mexico to slow the time of illegals from other countries. He even worked out a much better deal with Mexico and Canada but is still waiting on approval because house democrats are dragging their feet for political reasons. All that would be amazing enough but he did all that while being publicly accused of anything they could come up with including treason by democrats with a 3 yr. Long witch hunt.
    Tho Trump has done a fantastic job in his campaign promises, He still need more time to complete some of them like replacing Obama-don't-care, Putting up more wall, Finishing trade and nuclear deals and other improvements to make America great again.
    Given the list of his opponents, It's sad to say that the best option there is Biden who would basically undo all the great things Trump has done. As bad as that would be, It's still much better than the others with overly socialist programs that could bankrupt out economy.

  • Trump may be the most under-rated president ever

    Despite what others say, When I look at trump, I see nothing but a man who loves his country, And wishes to defend it. He understands that though immigration is good for a country, It must be regulated, And done legally to preserve fairness, And prevent chaos. He has faith in the American people, So he chooses to let people take control of their own situation, And work themselves out of hardships with some government assistance. Finally, He's strengthened the army, And has improved American relations with foreign countries such as North Korea.

    In essence, Trump is a strong leader, Who is doing his best to make his country the best it can possibly be. His hard work has payed off to create a better economy, And perception of America. I think he'll do great in 2020!

  • Are we really that dumb?

    Donald Trump is an embarrassment to not only the United States but also to the Human Species. If we have any chance of evolving beyond sexual harassment, Elitism, Entitlement, Poverty, Unnecessary violence, Injustice, Corporate-controlled media, Fake news, Hacks, Idiots and everything else that makes most of us unhappy and many of us turning to drugs (opioid crisis and/or big Pharma) then we cannot keep voting for people who represent the worst of humanity and lowest of our evolutionary scale.

  • He is an anti-American anti-white Jew.

    He is an adulterous sinner who loves Jews and sodomites. Trump seems to love those who reject their own god. He loves Israeli Jews and condemns though who hate Israeli Jews and love god. He has not pardoned Dylann Roof and he has not pardoned Robert Bowers. His supposed wall has not been built. He has not decreased illegal immigration. He loves Hispanic invaders from Mexico who come "legally". Trump has and will not fix the problem of white replacement. At this rate by 2050 America will no longer be white. An "America-First Nationalist" should not be sending 38 billion dollars to Jews in Israel, But doing absolutely nothing for their own people. The "economic improvement" he has done was all by Obama. The only "economic improvement" Obama and him did was making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

  • I hope that mother f***** doesn't get elected again.

    I am atheist pro gun liberal and I hate any religious conservatives. Trump is lazy, Ignorant, Racist, Unprogressive, Religious, Undisciplined, Ugly, Republican and nasty b**ch. If he gets elected again, He will probably have enough time to ruin / destroy United States of America. Let's not make this happen, OK?

  • Of course not.

    President Trump has shown the world that he is oblivious to the happenings of the modern day and age. For starters, Trump has proven his baby boomer idiocy by blaming Violent Video Games for the horrendously high number of firearm related deaths in the US. This argument proves that Trump really can't keep up with Modern Technology.

    Trump also is under the extravagant delusion that he has "made America great again". No Donald, All you've done is continued your greedy country's oil seeking, Culture destroying, Fear mongering and stupid legacy.

    But what does this all matter? The government is run by corporations anyways, It's not like a President makes any difference.

  • I hate him

    He doesn’t really care about America anymore he only cares about himself and all that ok and yes I think that trump should be impeached for not doing so good ok ok and no I think that we should not elect trump otherwise he might ok ok bye bye 👋

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