• Not for trump but for the Nation

    This has two affects doth negative 1. It has caused disagreement between our nation and it's leader 2. It has shown how much trump will do for Russian relations. This is a brilliant move for causing stagnation witch is all our Nation is good at. Obama is trying to ensure that at least some of his laws are not repealed.

  • Yes, it is a mistake

    Trump seems to be too trusting of Russia and its leadership. The reason for this remains to be seen, but the sanctions are a type of punishment that can control Russian aggression while avoiding going to war with them. If the sanctions are lifted, they may grow more aggressive and lead to direct military action with the U.S.

  • Sanctions are terrible for both countries

    Sanctions are just one country's way of feigning moral superiority. Obama had to do something because of the legs of the "OMG RUSSIAN HACKERS" story, but there is almost never legitimate reasons for sanctions. They only hurt the people of a nation, not the government of that nation, which is who our government generally has the problem with.

  • No, I don't think so.

    The fact that Donald Trump is open to the possibility of lifting Russian sanctions put in place by the Obama administration just tells me he is being open-minded. I do not believe Trump is a fool. He will weigh the facts carefully before acting. I agree with his wondering why sanctions are needed if Russia is willing to be helpful.

  • Lifting the Russian sanctions is not a mistake.

    Trump should lift the Russian sanctions that have been imposed by Obama. Russia is a nuclear power and the United States should not act aggressively towards Russia. The United States should work to have good relations with Russia and should withdraw militarily from the middle east and should not support the military buildup of NATO in Europe.

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