Trump investigates gender equality programs: Should the federal government sponsor gender equality programs?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Trump's transition team said that the future commander-in-chief " will ensure the rights of women across the world are valued and protected. Obviously, gender equality issues here at the Department of State are a priority. Secretary Kerry has made them a priority; Secretary Clinton before him made it a priority. This promise seems at odds with at least some of Trump's statements throughout his campaign, particularly pertaining to a woman's right to choose.

  • Yes, gender equality is important

    Yes. women were not able to vote in the United States up until the 1920's. The top paid CEOs in America are 98% male. Female workers get paid 70 cents to their male counterparts for doing equal work. Everyone needs to learn more about gender equality and therefore, gender equality programs are essential.

  • Equality is a basic human right

    Too many people are looked down on in America for the gender they were born into. Feminism has come a long way over the past 100 years, but we are still miles from true equality. There are also those in the Trans community who are still viewed as freaks by many people. To be come truly equal is the way to make America great.

  • Yes, the federal government should sponsor gender equality programs.

    Yes, the federal government should sponsor gender equality programs. Male privilege still exists in the United States. In order to provide an equal playing field to all citizens, the federal government should sponsor programs that help create equality among all genders. This will ensure that all people are treated equally.

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