Trump invites pro-Hamas Malik Obama to the debate. Does this indicate Trump is anti-semitic?

  • Yes, it does.

    It is one of a few things that indicate he is anti-Semitic. Some of the jokes he has told and the remarks he has made indicate that he is anti-Semitic. He has not said anything comepletly outragous, but he has a tendancy to be very narrow minded in his views of people not like him.

  • Yes, this indicates Trump is anti-semitic.

    Yes, this indicates Trump is anti-semitic because the information about Obama's brother is easily found. Trump either does not care about Obama's brother's views or he does not care to look them up. Either way, he has given such little thought into inviting Obama's brother that it will backfire quickly.

  • What does this have to do with anything

    I really don't get this, Hillary has a face, that means she's a sexist! Johnson has ears, therefor he's a racist. It's absurd, Trump is related to Jews and had a freaking Rabbi appear at the republican convention. This is just a whole crap load of nonsense to accuse trump of sh*t that doesn't make any sense.

  • Trump may be anti-semitic, but inviting Malik Obama doesn't prove it.

    Trump has invited pro-Hamas Malik Obama to the debate, but that is not evidence of Trump's anti-Semitism. Trump may have other motives here, such as embarrassing President Obama, and Hillary Clinton as well, a prominent supporter of President Obama. These motives are sufficient by themselves, and his choice of Malik Obama does not necessarily prove that Trump is anti-Semitic.

  • No, this particular action doesn't indicate anti-semitism.

    No, Trump did not invite Malik Obama because of antisemitic tendencies (even though I feel Trump is antisemitic). I feel Trump invited Malik because Trump is narcissistic, petty, and calculating, and he loves to make personal attacks on others. To have a relative of Democratic party member President Obama support Trump instead is something that Trump feels he can use against Hilary Clinton, plain and simple.

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