• Trump is much better.

    - gets things done
    - hopefully doesnt support transgender weirdos
    - finally taking military action in the east
    - Not racist
    - Became the president even when so much hate came his way with millions of uneducated Americans that resort to feelings

    Cant ass more
    Argue in comments

  • Asghsgf zagfilhs asgioh ue

    Obama was not a narcissist Obama really seemed to care about doing good for other people, and he seemed to be intelligent without ego getting in the way. Trump is the opposite; all he cares about is himself and his overinflated ego is his main engine. He says whatever pops into his head without considering who it might affect or offend.

  • Trump actually respects the Separation of Powers

    When a Federal court blocked the travel ban, Trump worked through the courts, not on his own. When his plan to repeal Obamacare was in danger, he did not use Reconciliation (which is how it was passed in the first place). He has not used his executive authority to advance his own agenda.

  • Yes, by far.

    Trump cut down on illegal immigration and terrorism, pulled us out of NAFTA, showed what he can do to ISIS, and defunded Planned Parenthood. Obama allowed illegal immigration, paid 2 trillion to Syria to delay their program (essentially a ransom, and he won't be in term in 2 years), and forced Christians to pay for Planned Parenthood through their taxes.

  • Omg trump said mean things

    I was reading the arguments on the no side and couldn't help but notice all the inaccurate and untrue information. I'm ok if you want to make claims like "trump is racist", or "Russia hacked the CIA and got more votes" bus. If you are going to make claims like this at the very least provide some sort of evidence that isn't fabricated lies. Trump > Obama. The biggest reason is the national debt. Thanks to obama we didn't just increase our debt, it doubled. There is also some other big failures like the Iran deal, and Obamacare.

  • Did what he said he will

    He has fulfilled a big part of what he promised considering how short he is in office.

    He's not corrupt like Hillary was, has experience as a business man. He's not a racist like Hillary and doesn't defend pedoes in court like she does. He truly is Making America Great Again.

  • Trump is not my ideal candidate but...

    ...I haven't liked a president since Jefferson.

    I just wrote a pretty long essay in this little comment box about why I like what he's done so far but after viewing some of the arguments made against the man, I realize it would have fallen on deaf ears. All the arguments made against him have nothing to do with policy, but only serve to highlight the gross overstatements of his character flaws. Obama was the worst president since FDR or maybe even Wilson.

  • By a mile.

    Trump has already began to live up to all of his promises that he made during his campaign. He also isn't afraid of other countries and isn't afraid to show them whose boss, and we've lacked that sort of intimidation since Reagan. He's a proud American who isn't afraid to fight for our country, fight against ISIS, and put Americans first, which should always be our top priority.

  • Trump is not afraid to pull the trigger.

    Obama made promises of change, but then submitted to the Washington regime. He gave in to the 1 or 2 percent of the population that cried. He seemed afraid to be proud of being American. He did tell the DEA to lay off marijuana states, which was a good thing.

    Trump is not so crippled by indecision he cannot pull the trigger. He is not afraid to be proud of being an American.

  • Employment Rate and GPD

    The Employment Rate and GPD have been a lot higher since Obama has left the office. ISIS is nearly gone now, And we have made peace with North Korea. Obama supported higher minimum wage, Which raised the unemployment rate and caused many small businesses to close, And gun control laws which increased the overall crime rate.

  • Obama was not a narcissist

    Obama really seemed to care about doing good for other people, and he seemed to be intelligent without ego getting in the way. Trump is the opposite; all he cares about is himself and his overinflated ego is his main engine. He says whatever pops into his head without considering who it might affect or offend.

  • He's racist against women and african americans

    So in all the debates the first things he said was i'm going to build a wall and keep the mexicans out and make them pay for it. Then also America didn't choose it's president no Russia hacked us and added a bunch more votes for trump the C.I.A said.

  • Trump racist Dumbo

    Dear trump
    you want to separate us .I wouldn't be surprised if their was bombs in the street when we want to make peace . I wouldn't be surprise if you brought war you wanna quick Mexican out cause they murder people daily all the family that came to America came to have a better life you don't know what triyng to win 1 dollar is you had the richest father small lone of a million dollars

  • Obama is not a racist

    Trump has said many inappropriate and racist comments. I know that Obama has a much more knowledgeable view of race in American. Obama is a better president, and he should have stayed in office. It is important that we know the difference between racism, and facts. Trump is definitely not better than Obama.

  • No chance in Hell.

    Trump hates the LGBT, women, non binary folk, all people of different races, Obama, immigrants, etc. And what did Obama do? Legalized gay marriage, made transgender care more affordable, did his vbest to close the pay gap, dedicated June and October to the LGBT, and more. I think its easy to say, trump is worse than Obama

  • He wants starting a war

    Instead of having negotiations and talks with oppositions he truly wants to start a war with all of them. Such an attitude will definitely costs lives and orphan children all around the world. The most destructive method of addressing conflicts between the nations is was and it should be the last option, not the first one.

  • Never has there been a more incompetent president

    Corruption is rife in the administration
    Stupidity is rewarded in the administration
    General recklessness is encouraged in the administration

    All he cares about is playing the president as if it were part of his tv show, he embarrasses the country in front of the world as their leaders come to the whitehouse and laugh at the incompetence

  • Trump = Racist and sexiest

    Obama was the first president of color. That is amazing. He fought for what he believed in and he was not racist. He wanted to help the country.

    As for Trump, he doesn't really want to help the county. He wants to help himself. To me, the only reason that he actually ran for office is that he just wanted to win. I don't think he knew how much work it would be to actually be president. He is a business man. He wants the best deals for him. I don't believe that this is a good president.

  • Absolutely fucking no

    I'm sick of wasting my time pointing out all the seemingly infinite cons of Trump, it's pretty fucking obvious what makes him so horrible, and so much worse than any past president. It's so fucking obvious, you have to be stupid enough to support trump to not see it, which tens of millions of "Americans" are.

    Obama was a shining star surrounded by a sea of filth residing in government positions for decades. His legacy, and everything good he did for this nation, including pull us out of the worst recession since the Great Depression that a republican president put us into, is attempting to be erased by this criminal administration.

    Worse yet, we're still fighting over petty shit while our planet's ecosystem diminishes to the point it will eventually become uninhabitable for most life on Earth.

  • He makes terrible decisions

    Overall, his decisions have been terrible, expecially on the global scale. His words towards North Korea have escalated the problem between the U.S and North Korea to an incredibale height, which could have drastic consquences in the near future. His reaction to NATO, during the presidential election and during his time in office, will be catastrophic towards the partnership, escpecially during a time when Russian aggression is at an all time high. His announcement that the U.S will exit the Paris Climate change aggrement will be a terrible blow towards the fight against man-made climate change, since the U.S can provide a huge supply of it's money into climate change research. But, theres his domestic policies. Trump with hisi intention to deport all illegal immigrants, will no doubt be costly, and a waste of time, since illegal immigrants fill in jobs that no average American will take, like mowing lawns or picking strawberries in a field all day ending will horrible pay. Finally his budget, he gives more money to military then to scientific research organizations, NASA. The military is already the best military in the world, and with the decrease in wars across the globe, it will soon be unneccesary for the U.S to own a costly military. Scientific research can provide us with ground- breaking discoveries that can help turn the world into a utopia, like new vaccines and effective treatments for disease. Science will also be the key to humanity's survival because of NASA. If NASA or Space X lands a man on Mars then the survival of humanity will be secured since a colony could develop on Mars, resulting in huge cities filled with people, so even if all of Earth is destroyed, there will be humans on Mars to progress the human race.

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Debating_Horse says2018-07-20T20:15:10.433
Newsflash: Idiot Former President Obama says he's "tired of men." [http://time.Com/5342196/obama-on-men-south-africa/] Says "We're violent, we're bullying." He's losing it.