• Not out to help the poor

    I'm not sure who Trump cares about except for himself and his cronies. Not that that's unusual in politics, but any middle/lower class folks who really think Trump will help them are going to be pretty surprised. The GOP has carte blanche to cut what they see as entitlements and to pass one of the largest tax cuts in recent times. Guess who will benefit from those? Not us regular folks.

  • No, Trump is not out to get the poor

    No, Trump is not out to get the poor. He has no desire to go against anyone in particular. He is simply self-centered. He focuses on what makes him win, what makes him feel good, and what makes him rich and powerful. In his world, poor people don't likely win, but not because he's out to get them.

  • Trump is not out to get the poor

    Trump wants to make America great again, and the poor are part of America. Some of the poor may think Trump is out to get them because he wants them to get a job, or contribute to society, or wants to cut undeserved entitlements. They are wrong because Trump wants everyone in America to contribute and have a good life.

  • He wants to help them.

    Trump knows how to run businesses. He is also very charitable. Trump supports things that are done well. Trump will set new tax policies that will help people who are poor that want to work. He will get rid of regulations and barriers that often prevent these people from finding meaningful work.

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