• Always has been

    Trump has been working with Putin from the beginning, or at the very least has been getting played by him. He's dumb as a child and Putin has been buttering him up by doing something as simple as pretending to like him. The country has a lot to fear from these two.

  • Yes, Donald Trump has plotted with Russia.

    Yes, President-elect Donald Trump is plotting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. His remarks about Russia and their President are directly pulled from Russia's disinformation techniques and state sponsored propaganda. He has denied any involvement or correlation with Russian sponsored hacking of the United States Presidential election, denouncing the US intelligence community showing a complete disregard of credible information while reaping the rewards of Russia's hacking campaign.

  • They are adversaries.

    Russia and the United States have had a long history that isn't very pleasant. Trump has made it clear that he's going to stand up to Russia. The two are not plotting; Rather Putin has made it clear that he wants to mend ties with the United States. The two countries should put their differences aside and work to help the situation in Syria.

  • Trump is not plotting with Putin

    Trump may be bombastic and somewhat of a bully, but he loves America. Plotting with Putin would have a very negative result in America and Trump does not want to impact America in this negative way. The media is turning every statement that Trump makes into something negative and it is simply not true that he would plot with an adversary such as Russia's Putin.

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