Trump is racist, There for he should not be our president

  • He is a crackpot

    "Racist" is probably a secondary characteristic of Trump, His defining trait is ego. He thinks he knows everything and that everything he says and does is acceptable, The fundamental trait of egomaniacs. And if someone disagrees with him, He belittles them, Even his own team. If you don't believe me, You should read his numerous tweets. I recommend you read an article titled "The tweeting of a crackpot" by Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post Writers Group. In the 744 days Trump has been commander-in-chief, He has tweeted over 1800 times! Here are some quotes from the article that show Trump's arrogance and stupidity: "After Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told Congress this week that North Korea is unlikely ever to give up its nuclear weapons, Trump tweeted that there is a "decent chance of De-nuclearization. . . Progress being made-big difference". "And after CIA chief Gina Haspel said that Iran is abiding by the terms of the nuclear deal that Trump renounced, The president used a tweet to slap her down: "The intelligence people seem to be extremely passive and naive when it comes to the dangers of Iran. They are wrong! . . . Perhaps Intelligence should go back to school! " Doesn't that sound crazy to you? Trump's informed intelligence chiefs disagree with his uninformed/misinformed judgements, So he attacks and belittles them. How does he know more than they do? Even during his presidential run in 2016, He bragged that he knew more about ISIS than military commanders. He's got a screw loose.

  • America has colors

    America is full of raciest people and one of them could have been one of our many presidents. If trump can't be our president than we shouldent have presidents, Besides the first president George washinten had slaves and still sighned the deleration of inde pendace. Uidfuhsdvjbjvfgbjklwdfhgjklwbhfguiwehbih2ebfhibwefhiwerhibwerifhiefghiegbhiwerjgwehtrthwertywethtsrherh yhrthrtfh fthdfthdfyh thrfhytfdrtuh tfhdrtujhdrjdryj yrjhdfyjdfjdrt rtujhdryjrydujhrd tfhdfjhdrtuduyd rtudrtu drtuydrt u tueryue

  • No example of racism given

    Pro hasn't given any example of Trump being racist, And as this is his premise for not being president, All other arguments pro has given are invalid. Pro needs to have the common decency to atleast support his case when throwing around such accusations. . . . . . .

  • Missing the point

    In the original argument, The person kept implying that he's racist because of his big ego, And completely shifted the topic to his tweets, Which in no way show any signs of racial superiority or prejudice towards other races. That's a logical fallacy which has no place in this debate.

  • "Racist" is an overstatement

    First, Let's define racism. "Prejudice, Discrimination, Or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior. " -Dictionary. Com

    A racist, Therefore, Is one who is prejudiced towards other based on the belief of their own race's superiority. Donald Trump has never proclaimed that white people are in any way superior than any other race. He ha only acted in ways to protect the country from legal citizens' jobs being taken by non-tax paying illegal immigrants.

    On the early Travel Ban, Trump used the initial 7 countries from the Obama Admin's proposed travel ban of their own (Iraq, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Libya, Somalia and Yemen). - Politifact. Com

    Donald Trump may not be the most informed or politically correct person, But that doesn't mean he is a racist. President Trump is against illegal immigration on the Mexican-American border, Hence the wall. He has called some Mexicans rapists (true, Not for all, But definitely some), He has pointed out the drug trafficking (which is less than he claims, Although the largest ever fentanyl bust came today (Feb. 1, 2019) at a legal entry point.

    Simply labeling someone a racist isn't a good enough reason for impeachment or removal from office, Especially when the claim is untrue in the first place.

  • Trump has never displayed prejudice to a racial minority

    Trump has never attacked any racial minorities because of their skin color. He has tweeted about them and insulted them because of something crazy they have said. He actually has brought in more jobs for minorities and is friends with kanye west. Just because he has called maxine waters a "very low IQ individual" doesn't mean he hates minorities.

  • I am trump gardener

    Me like trump, He no racist. Black people very good, And mexicans like me. But he does like chinese more than me so i think that is unfair, Me want to keep trump presidint hee de best, Unlike obama, Because obama is not my dad, And trump is my dad. So i vote for trump
    Alpha Kenney Body

  • No. . . He's not really.

    I don't like Trump much, He's not a great guy in his personal life and hasn't done much good in the political sphere, But I think everyone yelling "racist" at him is more of a soundbite than a real argument now. Even if there were some compelling evidence that Trump discriminates and actively tries to put down members of a certain race (racist against who btw? Mexicans? Blacks? All immigrants? It gets confusing who you're trying to defend), It wouldn't be enough to impeach him. Just make sure and vote next time and we'll get him out of office.

  • What do you mean by "should"

    I'm not here to have the semantic argument, But there is something to say about the importance of democracy and the validity of labels. Firstly I think it's presumptuous to think that you know him on a personal level, You can't make an accurate personal assessment of someone's beliefs based on what they say, Only by what they do. Donald Trump has taken a strong stance against illegal immigration by funding the construction of a wall along our Southern Border, This doesn't make him a racist. Trump's immigration ban on the seven Muslim-dominant countries doesn't make him racist, Regardless of ethnicity or religion if you see a group of people coming in from a particular geographic region that commits a disproportionate amount of crime it is in the nation's economic and moral best interest to stop those people from coming in. These actions are not inherently immoral.

  • Trump isnt racist

    He's literally not racist. He has no hate for other races and definitely does not want to. He's literally not racist. He has no hate for other races and definitely does not want to. He's literally not racist. He has no hate for other races and definitely does not want to.

  • As much as I hate to say it, Trump is still the best bet for America.

    Would you rather have Hillary, A presidential candidate with a history of lying at the top? Would you rather have a liar raise paranoia amongst the general population and turn the entire country against the government? Would you put someone who you know cannot be trusted at a high, Important position? Yes, Trump may be a clown and a racist, But being able to trust the government is the backbone of all order in American society.

  • Trump is racist.

    Trump may be racist, But think of qualities he has that aren't horrible, Like the fact that he can lead, Or the fact that most kids were already racist but it's lot quieter. Mr. Trump can argue quite well that's for sure, Although some of his arguments might be somewhat racist, He still hasn't been the worst president.

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