Trump is running information on insecure servers. Does he deserve to be criticized the same as Clinton?

  • Trump deserves the same treatment

    Donald Trump should be criticized as heavily as Hillary Clinton for his use of servers, which have been determined to be insecure. In fact, she spoke to her predecessor, who also used a personal server. His actions are careless and arrogant. It comes on the heels of the Democratic Party being hacked, making it even worse.

  • No, Trump shouldn't be critized for using an insecure server.

    No, I do not believe Trump should be criticized for running information on insecure servers. He has not been elected to any official position within our government. When Hillary Clinton was using an insecure server for highly classified information she was elected to a very high position within our government. In her position that server shouldn't have been used and anyone else that made the same mistake would be imprisoned. Due to the fact that Trump hasn't been elected yet, there is no rule stating he should be running a secure server therefore he shouldn't be criticized for it.

  • No, he does not deserve the same level of criticism as Clinton, as the information that Trump hold son these servers is not of such national importance.

    Trump can certainly be accused of hypocrisy for this behavior but he does not deserve the same level of criticism as Clinton. When Clinton used insecure servers she was holding an important national position whereas Trump is just a businessman and a presidential candidate. He is unlikely to be risking national security in anything he sends in emails at the moment.

  • Trump Not a Career Politician

    Trump does not have nearly the same political experience as Clinton. Her situation was different because she served as Secretary of State so she should have known better about confidential information. Trump has nothing important going on in his emails that would require a secure server so it is not fair for him to be criticized for that specific thing.

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