• Trump as Time's Person of the Year makes sense

    Trump has dominated the national and international news waves for over a year, won an unlikely victory, and been credited for creating or deepening the political divide in the country. Time has had some departures, in the past, from choosing a traditional singular person (most recently "The Protester" in 2011 and "You" in 2006); but the magazine generally selects people who, for good or ill, have had one of the biggest influences of the year. It would be hard to argue that Trump hasn't had among the most profound influences on media, politics, protests, and international relations, and everyday people this year.

  • Yes, Donald Trump deserves to be Time's Person of the Year.

    Yes, Donald Trump deserves to be Time's Person of the Year. This designation is given to a notable or influential person for any given year, and is not necessarily an honor or superlative. Mr. Trump, despite his woeful lack of experience and inflammatory rhetoric, managed to beat the political establishment at its own game.

  • Trump has influence

    There is no question as whether trump as changed the political landscape. He clearly has influence and used it to further his cause what ever it may be. Regardless if you like trump or not I feel he most definitely deserves this award for his work as a public figure

  • He is certainly the most talked about person

    I understand where Time was coming from in naming Trump person of the year. It is very clear that he wasn't given the title because people like him. He was given the title because he has made more news than anyone else, and has successfully divided our country. That's not a thing to be celebrated, but I understand their thinking. However, Trump is just dumb enough to take this as an honor, giving him an even bigger head. I don't think it was a good idea to feed his ego like this.

  • I don't feel Trump should be Time's person of the year

    While Donald Trump may have won America's most controversial election in a surprising victory, I don't feel he deserves to be Time's person of the year. Trump won the election by playing into people's fears and eluding to conspiracy theories throughout his campaign. He fooled a large percentage of Americans to win the election.

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