Trump is too dangerous to be commander-in-chief

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  • There are many dangerous things in life; electing Trump as president is definitely one of them

    Dangerous is an understatement; America having Donald Trump elected commander-in-chief would be catastrophic. His foreign policy is unreasonable, reckless and tarnishes this country's reputation. Our best diplomatic ties will be severed if he is elected. And during these times when ISIS is running rampant, his so-called "solutions" are alienating the mainstream Muslim community when we need them by our side.

  • Trump's Statement's Are Solid Proof He Is Incapable of Handling Crisis

    Donald Trump has said that he "doesn't care" who has nuclear weapons, he loves to praise our enemies such as dictators Kim Jong Un and Putin, and he often doubles down on many of his stances. That kind of temperament does NOT belong in the white house or in the situation room. For those saying Clinton is worse because of the email scandal and Benghazi, Clinton is also partly responsible for the mission that killed Bin Laden. She was one of the president's only aides who thought the mission was possible. She's lost some, she's one some. Most importantly, she has experience dealing with national crisises. The biggest crisises Donald Trump has ever had to deal with are his businesses going bankrupt.

  • Donald Trump will destroy the United States of America

    "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroy ourselves."

    Donald Trump will be our downfall. He holds us on to his words by making promises to the people when all he really wants is for the American people to kiss his ass. How dare you call yourself an American when this swine goes against everything this country stands for. He is against women and people that are of a different race. Are we not one people, under God, graced with rights of happiness, equality and freedom? These are the basic rights bestowed upon us by the Founding Fathers and they are probably rolling over in their graves by the mere mention of Trump becoming Commander in Chief of the United States of America. How many of his people are unemployed now because he wanted to make himself money? Our allies will not trust this man, he is truly the most disgusting man I have ever seen. Besides...Would you want his face on a postage stamp?

  • Conservatism is a Disease

    Donald Trump is serving as a self-fulfilling prophecy for conservative voters. What ever they want, Trump will deliver. 41% of his supporters agreed to bomb Agrabah, a terrible city plagued with magic carpets and genies played by Robin Williams. Agrabah is the FICTIONAL city from Aladdin.

    This man publicly mocks disabled people, woman, fallen soldiers. A tired 5 year old has better temperament control than Trump. Do you feel that the nuclear codes and the disposal of one of the strongest militaries in the world would be safe in the hands of a failed business man with no political experience? I surely do not. Trump stands for a failed American future. I don't know what kind of "True American" stands for his platform, except for the simple fact that the US is plagued with racist, ignorant, bigoted, uneducated simpletons who claim that what they stand for, makes a real American. I guess being a real American forces you to ignore science, expel hate and oppression, and stand for the demise of this country. No wonder why conservative legislatures cut funding for education; keep em' dumb, keep the votes coming in.

  • Compared to whom, and based on what specific complaints?

    If you think that Hillary, who defends rapists, takes money from countries that persecute gays and oppress women, donates to her own 'charity organization', uses personal e-mail accounts for private government business, lies everytime her mouth opens, and is overall corrupt and untrustworthy, is an acceptable candidate at all, you have problems.

    Trump wants to stop illegal immigration and bar potential threats from the violent moon-god death cult of Islam from doing here what they're doing in Sweden, Germany, France, etc., and use his business experience to make Americas economy strong again.

  • A lot less dangerous than Clinton

    The question implies choosing which of these two is less dangerous. He has not proven himself to be an out and out liar, an obfuscation master at a level near that of Clinton. The FBI Director Comey has made Clinton an even more dangerous choice by stating publicly that she lied under oath and endangered national security while Secretary of State (let that sink in!), she is above the law and untouchable. She ought to be in a prison cell for that alone. That doesn't even begin to compare to the blood of valiant Americans she has on her hands from the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, and her subsequent attitude about that loss of life, lives much more worthwhile than hers. Her utter contempt for those she allowed to die, because, well after all they are quite dead and that won't change, is stomach turning. She is an Alinskyite spawn of hell.

  • Not as dangerous as Clinton

    American presidents are commonly called "Commander in Chief". But this is bizarre and misleading. All heads of state are commanders in chief. This is a civilian post, not a military one. It does not mean that the head of state has any military role. Uniquely in the USA people seem to think that the title means something. It is as if the USA is a military regime. Quite bizarre.

    The question should be - "Is trump too dangerous to be president". But that also needs to be defined. What does dangerous mean? Too extreme, too unbalanced? He cannot be more dishonest than Nixon or Clinton (either one). He cannot be more corrupt or egotistical than JF Kennedy.

  • Donald Trump is just the Subject of online rumours.

    I for one support Donald Trump. He already admitted to being a bit racist at the start of his pol as he was nervous among politicians. Furthermore, he owns an office which consists of 85% blacks which opposes of his racism. Those fans people see online, screaming and cussing aren't his fans as media stated. They are in fact Bernie Sander's fans. Those onlookers who were really there said that Donald Trump's fans are the most docile ones there. Sure, he may be egotistic, but no one is perfect.

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