Trump loses famous friends: Should a President invite celebrities to the White House?

  • Yes, presidents should invite celebrities to the White House.

    Yes, presidents should invite celebrities to the White House. Celebrities reach prominence due to admiration from the public. In this way, they are representatives of the public. Presidents should meet with them to stay culturally relevant and also to simply be able to interact with them as private citizens with their own needs.

  • Celebrity is how we influence

    Whether you agree with the policies of Trump or not, the use of celebrities is how politicians and organizations influence a larger audience. The people who look up to any given celebrity put more weight behind the words and actions of their idol than they ever would to a President or corporation alone.

  • Sure, why not!

    Of course a president should invite celebrities to the White House. Why not? While the president is serving his elected term, The White House is his home. If he has friends and acquaintances who are celebrities, he should be able to invite them to visit him in his "home" just like any other US citizen can do.

  • A President is for the people.

    A person should be the President for the average American. Being President is not the same as being famous. It is not a reality show. A President should surround himself with ordinary people. Ultimately, the President makes decisions every day that affect the lives of ordinary Americans. He should stay in touch with their lives.

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