Trump losing ground in needed Western Pennsylvania: Does Trump represent hope for industrial workers?

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  • No, Trump has been proven to outsource jobs

    It would make sense to say Trump "represents hope" for industrial workers because of his massive business and all of its dealings but further review shows that many of his business dealings fall under the same category as most other big companies/retailers in that most of the heavy lifting and monetization end up outsourced to places that get the job done at pennies on the dollar compared to American labor.

  • I don't think Trump cares about the average American.

    Trump is too detached from how the real lives of regular voters actually are. He is a business man who cannot accept that he may be wrong in any given situation. He makes up lies at an unprecedented rate if the fact checkers during the debates are any indicator. I just don't trust the man. All of his policies have been proven to only really help the top one percent of Americans. He himself is part of that group. It just shows me he only really cares about himself.

  • No he doesn't

    Some misguided workers may believe so, but he just does not. Trump has no concrete plans to fix anything. He has no experience, his businesses haven't been the huge success he's claimed, and he's a billionaire. He's got nothing in common with industrial workers, and in no way has their best interest at heart.

  • No, he does not.

    The Industrial age is over. Computers have made the need for humans in industry smaller. It is not simply because these jobs have moved to other countries. The number of people who work in industrial jobs worldwide is much fewer than it was even 20 years ago. People in Western Pennsylvania are holding out hope for an unreal thing.

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