• Yes, Trump values modern technology.

    Donald Trump would most likely value modern technology. Trump has used modern technology to build his brand and companies. Furthermore, Trump chose to meet with big tech executives (many of whom criticized him) in an effort to show that he was reaching out to the technology community. Therefore, Trump's actions show that he does value technology.

  • Trump values modern technology

    Of course, Trump values modern technology. What is this question really driving at? Is it that Trump somehow hates technology? Technology is great, until it is abused they way it was against Trump during the campaign. That doesn't mean he doesn't value it. His companies most assuredly value all that it brings.

  • Yes, Donald Trump values modern technology.

    Yes, Donald Trump values modern technology. Modern technology will allow the most beautiful state of the art border wall to be built and paid for by the Mexicans. It will also enable the collection of citizens' names based on religion and political affiliation that can be used for mass imprisonment.

  • He relies on it.

    Trump relies on modern technology to get where he has to go in airplanes. Sometimes, even after winning the Presidency, Trump answers his own cell phones. Trump has called meetings with tech executives in California to discuss how he can help the industry. Trump cares about the economy and the role that technology plays in the economy.

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