• Of course he is.

    I've lost any hope of the Trump administration even pretending to abide by the laws. How many precedents and laws has he broken so far? He'll throw a bone to the Republicans and they'll be happy to let him do what he wants. I also think Trump is afraid and wants to keep his family close, he's never been truly successful at anything after all.

  • He is violating the spirit of the law

    The law may not specifically mention White House positions, but clearly the intent of conflict of interest laws is to keep these problems out of government. Arguing that it hasn't been applied this way in the past doesn't mean it's not covered under the law and should be enforced that way.

  • Yes, Donald Trump is ignoring the law by naming his son-in-law as an advisor.

    Yes, Donald Trump is ignoring the law by naming his son-in-law as an advisor. The United States government has set very strict policies that are meant to prevent conflicts of interest from arising. Donald Trump's son in law works with Trump's businesses. He should not have a high-up position in his administration.

  • He is definitely not.

    Donald Trump is not ignoring any laws. It is is son in law, which is not included in nepotism laws. Also, nepotism laws don't include adviser positions such as this, just cabinet level positions. I didn't see any liberals complaining when Bill Clinton and John Kennedy committed this false crime.

    Posted by: kovr
  • No, he is not ignoring the law.

    I don't love the idea of Trump's relatives in influential positions. However, Hillary Clinton and Bobby Kennedy were both appointed by close relatives in office and they went on to do some pretty big things with their positions, arguably not all good. We can't dismiss people just because they are related to the president.

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