Trump offers appointment to Goldman Sachs head: Has Trump forgotten his campaign promises?

  • His promises were lies.

    I'll admit it, I was duped too. I read that Trump was funding his own campaign and I thought that meant he didn't have to listen to anyone. After his win, all these donors are coming out of the woodwork and taking up cabinet positions. I wonder if any President has ever been so blatantly corrupt.

  • Yes, it seems that he has forgotten his campaign promises.

    President-elect Donald Trump has seemed to have forgotten some of his campaign promises: Drain the swamp. Many of Trump's appointments are either from big business or Washington insiders. Not many of his appointments seem to have the capability to carry out his campaign promise of taking over Washington, and draining the swamp. It does seem like Trump has forgotten his campaign pledges.

  • Yes, it seems so.

    Trump campaigned on promises to rid the government of influence from the wealthy and powerful. Wall Street, though, has largely cheered Trump's administration due to promises to roll back financial regulations and cut corporate taxes.Even before Mnuchin was officially named Trump's Treasury pick, bank stocks had soared on the businessman's election thanks to those promises. Trump's presidency, in part because his policies are expected to be inflationary, is also expected to be paired with further interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve, helping banks pull in more revenue.

  • Nope, he doesn't care

    I think at this point most realize that the promises made by Trump were all contrived. His motto was not just "make America great again " , it should have been promise everything and give nothing. That's the thinking of narcissist; accomplish your goals by any means necessary. It is all about him after all, not the country.

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