Trump out of Atlantic City Casinos: Are the best casinos in Atlantic City?

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  • Not the best AC has to offer...

    Trump Taj Mahal was always one of my personal favorites until recently, and Trump Plaza never lived up to the hype IMO. I think with the added competition of neighboring casinos in the city, and the growth of new casinos in states like Pennsylvania, New York etc. the future doesn't look all that bright for Atlantic City. Trump Plaza even announced they would be closing in mid-September. There are a few good casinos left in the city, but I think most people would rather spend their time and money closer to home than make the trek from Philly or NYC.

    Posted by: S.K
  • Vegas Trumps AC

    Las Vegas offers the best casinos in the United States. The volume of casinos in Vegas greatly outnumbers those found in Atlantic City. They represent a major attraction for many hotels and are conveniently located along the Vegas strip. A wide variety of games are available to Vegas casino patrons.

  • The best casinos are in Las Vegas

    Las Vegas was built out of the desert and the intention of it was always to be a gambling capital. No place can compete with a city whose entire existence is to enable people to gamble. Although other cities may not be as commercial as Vegas and have a calmer atmosphere, for the gambler, the only place to really be is Nevada.

  • Atlantic City casinos are not the best

    I do not think that Atlantic Casinos are the best in the whole wide world. Casinos can offer a variety of different experiences for many different people. All in all it is an opinion and in the eye of the beholder whether they like a casino or not. One person may like Atlantic City casinos and one person may prefer Las vegas ones.

  • They are not the best casinos.

    The Trump Plaza announced in July that it will close in September. Atlantic City's gambling industry has taken a beating, with as many as four casinos slated to close this year.

    A bankruptcy auction is scheduled Thursday for the Revel casino, which will close on Aug. 18 unless a buyer is found.

    When the Trump Plaza announced it would close, Trump boasted that he had limited his exposure to a 10 percent stake in Trump Entertainment Resorts.

    "I let them use my name, but I have nothing to do with it, he said in July. "I got out seven years ago — my timing was impeccable."

    Indeed, that 10 percent share is enough to allow the company to use the Trump name for licensing purposes. Trump says he isn't sure whether he'll sell his share altogether.

    One place where he doesn't intend to remove his name is Chicago, where a "Trump" sign in 20-foot-high letters along the riverfront has become a source of local controversy.

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