• Yes, Trump is being unfair.

    Yes, Trump is being unfair when he accuses Clinton of Pay-to-Play tendencies. Trump consistently pays people off who try to sue him or investigate his businesses. He uses money to get what he wants and feels entitled to whatever he demands. The American people should avoid listening to his accusations.

  • He is a hypocrite

    Donald Trump complains about Hillary Clinton and pay-to-play when she was Secretary of State, even though there is no evidence that she traded favors. It is clear however that he donated to the AG of Florida through his PAC, himself and his family right when she then decided not to pursue a lawsuit against his university.

  • I sure as crap don't want an idiot for a president

    Is this even a question? Go watch Trump's speeches and come back and tell me if he sounds like someone you want to rule your country. Because from where I'm sitting he makes a complete fool out of himself and I don't understand why anyone is voting for him at all.

  • Trump being hypocritical about Pay-to-play

    Donald Trump has been accusing Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation of pay-to-play schemes. He now backtracks on previous bragging comments he has made about pay-to-play politics. He is being hypocritical on the issue and unfair to other candidates about it. He is just now changing his opinion on the subject.

  • No, he is not.

    Trump has forgotten that the United States is supposed to be a country where everyone, not just the rich and the filthy rich have an equal playing field. He is only concerned about his own interests and his own well being, and he is not concerned about whether or not he is fair.

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