Trump picks Elaine Chao for transportation secretary: Will she make his ambitious infrastructure plans a reality?

  • She is an experienced operator

    Elaine Chao has worked in national transportation projects previously and has worked at Cabinet level as well. This means that she is a canny and seasoned political operator who will know exactly how to implement Trump's ambitious plans for revitalising the infrastructure in the United States and probably improve upon them.

  • I don't think so

    The infrastructure plan is pretty anti-GOP, so that (which may be the only good thing he's 'planned') is the most likely to face opposition. I'd like to point out that a Chao pick while adding some much needed diversity is yet again installing a crony, and the tie to Mcconnell isn't great. So no swamp draining here. Bottom line is that the anti-big gov types won't want to allocate that much money.

  • No, she will not.

    Like most of the people that Trump has picke, she does not have the
    Skills or qualifications necessary for her job. She will not be able to accomplish these lofty goals and will actually make things much, much worse than they currently are. Appointments like this are a major mistake.

  • No, Trump is a joke.

    Every politician claims to want to fix the nation's crumbling infrastructure, yet it hardly ever happens. Anyone who thinks that Trump is going to follow through and fix our infrastructure is clueless. He almost never told the truth about anything throughout his entire campaign, and now that he has been elected, he is going against many of his campaign promises. He's a complete fraud, and he won't do anything to fix our infrastructure.

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