Trump picks Sonny Perdue for agriculture secretary. Will he push his conservative agenda?

  • Yes, he will push his conservative agenda.

    Yes, Sonny Perdue will push his conservative agenda as agriculture secretary. He has no reason not to push a conservative agenda. He is serving under a Republican president and a majority Republican congress. He will most likely get any support he needs from the conservatives in office, so he has no reason to hold back.

  • He has a history.

    Sonny Perdue has a history and it's clear that he will push his conservative agenda. The best way to judge a person's future behavior is by their past behavior. Perdue has made it clear that he will be a beacon for Trump's conservative agenda, for better or for worse. It's to be expected.

  • Yes, I think so.

    Another very OLD man. Why can't these people start selecting some younger voices. This man looks like he needs to retire, move over, and let some younger people in. Very sad. Trump's picks have included way too many OLD MEN. They need to retire! Someone who actually has a bit of relevant background, wasn't a huge donor to Trump, no insider trading and no history of vile behavior.

  • Sonny Perdue will push a conservative agenda as agriculture secretary

    Trump nominee for agriculture secretary, Sonny Purdue, will absolutely push a conservative agenda during his tenure. And why not? Trump is the Republican and he one. His job is to pick people will further his agenda. And his agenda should be similar, if not like, that of the agriculture secretary. None of this should be a surprise to anybody.

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