Trump pulls out of Asia-Pacific trade deal: Will Trump's trade policies help the United States?

  • Yes i agree

    Yes i agree that trumps trade policies will help the United states Donald J. Trump, through decades in public life,he has been consistent on one core policy idea: that the United States has gotten a raw deal from its major trading partners in the agreements that bind their economies. Renegotiating those terms will surely be a top priority for his administration.

  • No, Trump's trade policies will not help the United States.

    No, Trump's trade policies will not help the United States because he will ruin the trust we have established with so many countries. He does not understand how politics work and he will ruin some of the best deals that Obama made. He could really hurt the economy and our world standing.

  • Trump's trade policies do more harm than good

    Trump has pulled out of the Asia-Pacific trade deal, and shows no signs of stopping in regards to eliminating participation in other trade deals as well. Despite his claims that this is economically advantageous, in reality it will only harm the United States because we're built to cooperate with others, not shut them out.

  • We need to trade.

    There is nothing wrong with trade in and of itself. In fact, trade can be a very good thing. It allows each party to make what they do best. It makes the production of goods and services more efficient. Trump should not shut trade down completely; rather he should remove economic incentives to move businesses overseas.

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