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  • No, I don`t think so.

    And his obligations would be less after inauguration?
    Why did Trump and his lawyers request postponement after postponement even before he decided to run for President?
    Apparently those under indictment can argue "I'm too busy" to evade trial perpetually???
    Maybe a murderer can say "I've got hobbies, volunteer work, my work, keeping in shape, family issues..I should get out of having to face trial."

  • Trump's impending civil case should not be delayed. Better get it out of the way before he gets to the White House.

    The case against Trump University should be pursued with all urgency: better to be concluded now rather than after Donald Trump goes to the White House. The case may distract him while he is putting his team together, but better to distract him now than wait until he has the nuclear codes in his hands.

  • No, it should not.

    Why wait until tomorrow what you can do today? Whatever case Donald Trump has in court should be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, it might escalate to something more than it is in the near or later future. This might put a dent in his presidency and create more trust issues for the already wary citizens.

  • Oh Hell No

    Donald Trump, and any one who become president for that matter, should have to follow all the rules of law that the rest of us have to follow. The case has been delayed long enough, and maybe it will distract him from wanting to investigate Hillary further. He is the one who should be in jail.

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