Trump rips NBC News on jobs report: It's 'fake news'. Does the news broadcast fake reports?

  • Yes, anyone ever heard of "yellow Journalism"?

    It is naive to believe that any news source is unbiased and unwilling to skew (or outright lie about) news headlines. Does anyone need to be reminded why Dan Rather retired? Anyone remember the Maine? Is the jobs report fake news? I do not know. Could it be? Time and historical argumentation will tell.

  • Yes, news broadcasts can be fake

    There are many sources of fake news that make is confusing for people. Some news reports appears real on the internet or social media but are presented by some political group. The NBC News is suppose to be real and sourced with reliable information but it is possible to be caught in a fake story.

  • They aren't fake

    NBC, nor any other responsible news agency, is providing fake news. They are simply reporting what is known to be truth. Trump throws his little fits anytime someone disagrees with him or talks badly about him. His way of handling the news media is to accuse them of sharing fake news, to try and make them look like the bad guys instead of himself.

  • No, the news broadcast does not fake reports, they interpret the news honestly.

    All news broadcast have journalists who must follow a code of ethics. To report fake news would not only be unethical, but it would also jeopardize their career as a journalists. There is no benefit whatsoever for any self-respecting journalist to put their career on the line for fake news broadcast reports. It would be the equivalent of a Doctor faking a surgery to benefit a hospital. Although news broadcast make mistakes numerous times, which they're normally quick to admit, faking news would put their entire credibility on the line causing a media scandal. Their job is to report the news honestly, and not be a part of the news.

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