Trump said he will jail Hillary for the email scandal before he got elected. Should he?

Asked by: Cat47
  • Hillary for prison 2016

    Yes. Her e-mail scandal was unforgivable. Sure, she may say they were personal and not work-related, but 30,000? Doesn't that sound the least bit fishy? And in them? We see Latin people used as a campaign ploy, fake sexist Trump ads being placed in random websites and antipathy towards candidate Bernie Sanders. Democracy is a mistake, but I have to admit that voter fraud is completely unfair to the political system. So, in conclusion, the e-mail scandal is too large to ignore.

  • No, Jail is Not the Answer.

    Hillary Clinton has taken part in many criminal acts, partially because she has shown a talent for pulling it off with little legal consequence, and partly because she has a self-centered bent. She has used the power of government to serve her own needs, and has weakened the country as a whole as a result. I therefore propose, as an alternative to Jail, that she be tried and, if found guilty, receive the death penalty. That would be justice for her crimes, and serve as a grim reminder of the consequences of using the power of government for your own personal needs rather than for the good of the populace as a whole.

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