Trump says he'll show of United States military in parades. Is it right to display our military in such a way?

  • Yes, the show of military in parades is right

    The showing of our U.S. military in parades is a display of respect and power that should be encouraged. It is also an example of our appreciation for the military as we honor them in parades. It is a great way for young people to identify with the military and look for career opportunities.

  • Yes the future commander-in-chief does have the right to display the military in such a way.

    It is right to display US military parades.Military parades boot a nations morale and help local economies. It also helps the nations civilian population to get to know the military more and encourage a sense of national duty and identity.Trump has every right to display military parades as he will be commander-in-chief.

  • no, it is not.

    its a facist tactic that has long died out. it is also a waste of time for our military. these parades are rediculous and are a way of intimidating the american people more than anything else. the military should not be put on display like this. they should be focused on doing thier job

  • That sounds dangerous

    Showing off military numbers and power in parades seems very dangerous and showy to me. This just reminds me of something you would see in places such as North Korea, where they show off their military to threaten the rest of the world. I imagine this is Trump's whole point, and I think it sets a dangerous precedent.

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