• Yes, this is "constitutional"

    The constitution literally allowed slaves to be shipped over from Africa, so we can assume it didn't contain anything whatsoever to prevent racial profiling. Furthermore, none of the amendments (I reviewed them all) does anything to prevent racial profiling. Therefore, racial profiling is constitutional, whether out agree with it or not.

  • No, this should not be constitutional.

    No, racial profiling is not necessary at all. It is discriminatory. It targets individuals for suspicion of crime based on the race, ethnicity, national origin and even religion. Trump is xenophobic and in his campaign he has repeated said "Make America great again", aiming at the "immigrants". Look at how many innocent people who have been beaten, or even shot, to death, because of racial profiling. America was discriminatory in 1960s and repeating history does not make it great again.

  • No, racial profiling is not constitutional

    The constitution says that "all men are created equal" but during times of war the U.S. has made some severe decisions to protect the country's security. One example was the internment camps for Japanese Americans. If we feel threatened, if may be necessary to discriminate racially in order to protect the nation.

  • No, racial profiling is not acceptable.

    Racial profiling is unconstitutional regardless of who is being profiled. It doesn't matter if it's a Black make driving a car or a Arabic man on a plane. It is unfair to make assumptions about someone based on the color of their skin. A person ethnicity should never automatically make them a target of unjust behavior.

  • Neither necessary nor constitutional

    Racial profiling is discriminatory, our country has a bad history of racial profiling; Japanese internment camps and racism against African Americans during the 1950s and 1960s is a dark stain on this country's history. It is also a stain on America's honor, how do you think foreign countries will view us if we are targeting Mexicans, Muslims, etc. for unjust attacks?

  • No, racial profiling is not constitutional.

    Racial profiling is not constitutional. The constitution ensures equal rights and treatment for all Americans, regardless of their race or religion. Profiling groups based on their race or religion would be wrong. In fact, it would further deepen divisions in American culture; thus hurting our efforts to fight terrorism. Instead of profiling, law enforcement should be partnering with every community to combat violence.

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