Trump signs order withdrawing from Trans-Pacific Partnership. Was this a good choice for his first executive action?

  • It makes a statement.

    Trump wants the rest of the world to know that the American apology tour is over. Americans are no longer sorry for putting their own interests first. Trump was smart to end the Trans-Pacific Partnership with his first executive action, because this sets the tone for the rest of the world for his term.

  • Maybe he should think first

    I don't think signing any executive orders was a good idea for his first day of business. Trump needs to sit back and take a good long look at what it means to be POTUS and to consider the thoughts and feelings of the people of this country. He has a duty to protect our country and to serve those of us who live in this country. The position is not designed for his profit.

  • No, Donald Trump has just given Xi Jinping the best Chinese New Year gift he could have hoped for.

    This abrupt action so early in the Trump administration puts the world on notice that all of America's traditional economic and political alliances are now open to reassessment and renegotiation.This could have an adverse long-run impact on the ability of the U.S. to maintain its influence and leadership in world economic and political affairs.

  • No, this was not a good choice.

    The United States should be a part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership so we can be an engaged leader in Asia. If the United States withdraws from Asia, China will fill that vaccum. The world benefits when America plays a lead in bringing peace and promoting prosperity to other countries. No, we should not be the international policeman, but we should be engaged in free trade.

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