Trump slides in polls, even among supporters: Does Trump have a glimmer of hope at an effective Presidency?

  • Effective not necessarily beneficial or benevolent.

    The Trump presidency will be very effective. He has a united republican congress who only care that 'he has enough working digits to use a pen' and sign all the legislation they have been preparing.

    Not only that but republicans do better in midterm elections and this midterm will have a much larger number of democrats on the block. With trumps ability to energize his base which is who usually turn out in midterms, the republicans have a chance at a super majority.

  • Yes, Trump has some home at an effective presidency.

    President-elect Donald Trump does have a glimmer of hope at an effective presidency. One thing going in Trump's favor is that so many have set such low expectations for him. All Trump has to do is just beat these low expectations and he will be more successful than many thought.

  • Yes, Trump could still have an effective presidency.

    Yes, there's still hope for Trump to be an effective president. Trump comes from a corporate world of money and power that differs from the halls of government. He's still trying to apply the rules of the game of his personal life to a completely different kind of job. The office of president requires a different mindset that being CEO. If he can overcome these issues, then yes, he can still be effective.

  • No he does not.

    No, there is no hope with Trump. Look at the way he treats reporters. Look at the ridiculous ways that he constantly aggrandizes himself. Now there are scandals coming out left and right, about his depravity, his shady business deals, and more. Even during election time, there were so many stories that came out that pointed to his very poor behavior towards others and his lack of values. There is no hope with him. If people think that miraculously he'll get better, they're wrong.

  • Not a chance!

    Trump continues to act like an idiotic child, and even the people who once supported him are growing weary. The more he talks, the more he continues to act ridiculous, the more people are finding fault with him. It won't take long before Congress decides to go it alone, not worrying about Trump and what he wants. Trump will get nowhere as president.

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