Trump supporter references Japanese internment camps: Is Trump the next Hitler?

  • Yes he is.

    This is very true. I strongly believe that trump is the next Hitler. Actually he has lots of similarities with Hitler. His actions points that of Hitler. Despite this we should not judge him so early. This is also confirmed by Trump's supporter who actually references the Japanese internment camps.

  • Trump is no Hitler

    There are several reasons why Trump is no Hitler. First, Hitler was far more intelligent. He was definitely better looking ( and had a cuter wife). He also had a much better sense of humour. In one particular there were similarities and that his the sympathy expressed for minorities and those of a different ethnicity.

  • Is Trump the next Hitler

    Trump is certainly no Hitler., Hitler was certainly more intelligent; had a better sense of humor: and was better looking (his wife was cuter too)Is Trump the next HitlerI In one sense they were similar and that is the empathy displayed towards the less fortunate, particulalry thos of a different ethnicity.

  • Trump not equal to Hitler

    For good reason there is an idiom prevalent on the internet - as soon as someone has to resort to calling their opponents Hitler or refer to them as Nazis, they have effectively lost the argument. This is because it has become too much of a shorthand to dismiss people who we do not agree with as having Nazi views.

  • He is a businessman.

    Trump is not the next Hitler. That is a narrative painted by the people that voted against him. There are a few people here and there who misunderstand what Trump is about. Trump is not about hate or racism. He is about business. He is about getting the government out of people's lives so that they can work.

  • Camps were American

    The Japanese Internment camps were American. They were not like Hitler's concentration camps. So, Trump, if he were to set up internment camps, would be more similar to Franklin Delano Roosevelt than Adolph Hitler. Of course, people like to call anyone who's bad, nowadays, Hitler. But, no one, since Hitler, has fit the mold.

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