Trump supporters, Do you agree with trump that we should confiscate the guns early and go through due process later?

Asked by: Angiex0
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  • Trump doesn't hold that position

    Trump never said what you liberals are alleging. Trump is completely 100% pro 2nd Amendment. This is fake news and a lame failed attempt by liberals to strip Trump of his many supporters, Because you are angry that someone who is so pro-Constitution can be so popular among Americans. You leftie chinese shill trolls should try harder next time.

  • No im against red flag laws.

    I disagree because they carry with them the presupposition that a persons god given right are subject to their mental health status. I don't think its apropriate to punish people before they commit crimes unless you can prove intent to commit one. Having your ex wife tell the cops youre unstable is not sufficient reason to strip someones property.

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