Trump supporters vastly overestimate unemployment — and they blame politicians for it. Is he fostering a dangerous culture?

  • He is fostering hate.

    Looking at the totalitarian governments from history, one thing they are great at doing is teaching the population to blame a minority group. This kind of group think has been responsible for the brutal persecution and murder of entire populations. Trump is the same way. He teaches people to blame others for problems, such as unemployment. It's a dangerous culture.

  • Danger in exaggeration

    Yes, I think it is dangerous. I believe America has serious problems, but to exaggerate the problems so that the blame can be "justifiably" thrown on others, is just a manipulation tactic to get supporters. Trump's slogan will attract many who are sick of the many problems there are. But by exaggerating one problem, people are being blinded to more relevant issues that need attention.

  • Yes, he is fostering a dangerous culture.

    Yes, he is fostering a dangerous culture because the facts do not matter to his supporters. If he says the sun revolves around the earth they might start to second guess that, too. If he is president, he will get his supporters to believe anything he wants, which is truly scary.

  • In many ways

    Trump says whatever he can to get the biggest reaction from his supporters, because this is what feeds his ego. He makes up unemployment numbers so that people who are already angry become more angry. He lies about the number of refugees and Clinton's immigration policies and they eat it up because they are already angry. We can't be surprised when these people then act out because he poked the bear.

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